Technological Introduction

Created by Kyoto's Nango, Co., Ltd., "Nango-Bori" is a Stereogram 3D modeling technology.

Craftsmen who inherited manufacturing traditionfrom ancient times used state-of-the-art machine tools and programming techniques to complete wholeheartedly the "Miyako MODERN Gem". Stereograms used to be only available in 2D on planar printed matter but thanks to our Company's unique technology they are now presented in a 3D like unevenness on the object surface. This technique is called "Nango carving".

Illustrations, photos, text messages, numbers, etc., it is possible turn any image as a hidden picture into a modeled object. Stereograms, which used to be limited to the two-dimensional world are now spreading to a new three-dimensional world.

*A stereogram is a two-dimensional optical illusion art form widely known in which you can see a totally different picture emerge from ordinary patterns when you look at it with intentionally unfocused eyes.

Gold Award Winner,Certificate of Quality,Cutting Dream Contest Award,8th Gold Award Winner,Patent obtained for Stereogram three-dimensional object

[ Patent Information ]

Patent Number: Patent 5121082

Invention Name: Stereogram Display Body and its Manufacturing Method

Registration date: November 2, 2012

Concept: Stereolithography Manufacturing Technology of the "Stereogram" Painting Technique


Message from the President

Based on the spirit of "We Improve!" we are working hard to obtain "Long-Lasting Trust".
Accomplishing restless "Deepening" and "Evolution", we repay our customers with all the daily gratitude we have in our hearts we are here aiming at "Newness".
Our GOAL is to contribute to Society by giving concrete form to our own "Realization"

Management Philosophy

"We improve ourselves through work!!"
The 3 improvements are the following:

  1. Improve as a person.
  2. The Company improves when persons improve.
  3. By improving, the Company contributes to Society.


To provide the most convenient response regarding domains not completely understood by customers such as (number, size and content of) machined compo-nents, jigs and labor saving devices.
In the same time, to build a community-based network supporting people (craftsmen) to continue manufacturing in Japan and to become an indispensable presence for the manufacturing industry.

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