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4 Main Types of Products

  • Normal Frame

  • Deluxe Frame

  • Design Frame

To put it on tables a holder is attached on the back.

*No holder attached only on the Design Frame
Because of the penetration risk due to the fact that the Design Frame is thinner than others Nango-Bori.

In some cases tool marks (edge tool cutting traces) may remain but please con-sider them as one of Nango-Bori characteristics.


You can add any characters you like.

Lettering only available for Normal Frame (Both A3 and A4)
1 to 10 letters: 3000JPY, 11 to 20 letters: 6000JPY.
Can be placed only on the upper and lower section of the frame.

*Three patterns available: upper section only, lower section only or both sections.
Fonts can be changed so please tell us the font you would like to have.

Original Design

If you want to use an original image rather that the exiting motifs an additional Original Design Fee of approx. 30,000JPY is charged.
(Depending on the image difficulty level price may be higher or lower, we reserve ourselves the right to refuse complicated requests)

For Customers desiring an Original Design please use the inquiry form.

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